The Untold Stories

My dear fellow Bloggers and my site followers/readers. Thanks for all the love you have shown to my site. Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for all the lovely likes and comments. My journey towards writing started when I was in my early teens and I first started writing in Hindi. And  Now I write both in English and Hindi.

I have been thinking about posting my Hindi writings for a while, but I am hesitant as this site is dedicated to a global audience.  But then I thought how about attempting translating my Hindi verses to English. This is my first attempt towards it. Leave your thoughts in the comment box and let me know what you think.

छलकती है तैरे आँखों से यूँ मेरे ऊलफत का फसाना,
दै जाती है मैरे ज़िंदगी को एक जीने का बहाना,
दिल की बात जो जूंबा पे आके शर्मा जाती हे,
बना जाती है मूझ पागल को थोड़ा और दिवाना

– शान्तनु बरुआ

The stories of our ardor flowing from the brim of your eyes,
Gives my tarnish life some meaning to survive,
The heart’s yearning that shies away from your labium,
Make the deprive soul to go on a neverending overdrive.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah



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