I Will Quit

All untoward perturbation,
cloud my thoughts,
Annoying every moment,
and asking me to stop.

Let this be my last drag,
The final long puff,
Let me enjoy this last one,
And I promise this will be my last heard gruff.

I light the cigarette,
And inhale the fumes,
Oh! It feels heavenly,
I have to resume.

Then I look at the pack,
It is still half full,
Tempting me to continue,
And forcing me to slack.

I detest the vapor,
Yet I squirm for its taste,
How can I quit?
I am your slave.

I convince myself,
This to be the last fight,
After this pack,
I will give it for life.

Few days reluctantly somehow passes by,
My fear not to recede troubles me like a sly,
I conceal the fears in my deceiving smile,
And carry the burden not to fail this time.

Days pass by,
So does the fear,
But urge to have a cigarette,
Bring me to tears.

And then I saw my friend,
Smoking at the corner of the pub,
One puff won’t harm me,
And whiff goes my curb.

Before I realize,
I am in addiction again,
Off goes my plan,
Roasting in a pan.

I have conquered many fears,
I have resurrected from many qualms,
Why this time I fail miserably,
It is hard to recount.

Frustration mounts me,
Tears rolls in that trice,
I want to get this right this time,
I want to leave this tonight.

For there will be no last puff,
No half filled packet to scorn,
No smoker can deceive me,
Nothing shall hold me down.

I have my will,
And I have my faith,
I have that promise,
And I will make this storm abate.

Dedicated to all those who want to quit


Copyright ยฉ Shantanu Baruah

21 thoughts on “I Will Quit”

      1. I know how hard it cam be but I have never smoked myself. Canโ€™t bear the smoke myself. I have watched people trying to give up and it is a real struggle

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