The harshness of the snow clad mountain,
The ruthlessness of the wintery blizzard,
The brutal ice cold brittleness,
All looks heavenly,
When you witness from far.

So, I warned her to –

Watch me from the distance,
Cherish me from a length,
Feel me remotely,
For if I am within her,
I will be a pain.

And I told her –

I am a restless soul,
A wanderer with protrude knoll,
My touch have edges that is rough,
My rolling tongue spells gruff.

But, she didn’t listen

And approached me with fervor,
Held me close in her arms,
Made my jostled soul to quiver,
And baffled me with her charm.

And then I found

I was not the boulder I claimed,
Nor was a blaze that couldn’t be framed,
And with the passing time,
the rime eased to a soothing shine.

She ploughed my fallow heart inch by inch,
And I transformed to a loving being.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

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