The Haunted House

The dilapidated cottage was seldom visited,
So was the path that led to the house,
The odd sound kept jingling from the anklet,
And people fear constantly roused.

From immemorial times people narrated the tale,
about voices howling with a prolonged wail,
And they said the house had some dreadful history,
But no one knew for sure about its mystery.

Locals didn’t dare to wander the path,
For the house was burdened with the ghost’s wrath,
They claimed apparitions resided the place,
And it was scary enough for anyone to face.

So they kept away from the house,
The ruins of the place were only talked about,
The unruly bushes crowded the space,
despite all odds, the ghosts were nowhere to be traced.

Wish you all a happy spooky Halloween 😀 

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah


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