NUHA Foundation Competition

Dear Friends

I am taking part in this year NUHA foundation annual writing contest. I am delighted to announce my work is selected for the competition. Request you all click the link below, read the content and provide your valuable comments and likes. Appreciate your help in advance – thank you in advance



  1. congratulation!!
    YES, Now a days textbook has been one of the centerpieces of education, when students read and learn beyond the textbook, learning becomes even more interesting. students will then be better equipped to deal with the complexities and challenges of world situations with greater depth and sensitivity.
    such a great article, Applause again ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. The comment section on that website is broken, it isn’t letting me post my comment, I even tried 3 different browsers. I’ll just post that comment here instead then:

    “Very valid points raised by you here Shantanu. Especially in a country like India where I reside, the problem is indeed deep rooted. While I agree marks and scores do matter to an extent, it is definitely wrong to look down upon a person who is successful and call it “sheer luck” just because they didn’t used to be good scorers in school. More than the education system, it is the mentality that’s hurting the young pupils. After all, the system was made by us, humans, and it merely is a reflection of us. That being said, thanks for this amazing article pointing out the flaws in the system, so that this negative feedback can bring about some change. The magnitude may be big or small, but any change here would be a welcome one.
    Once again, thanks for sharing this article.”

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