Don’t Get Deceived

She played her ruse and battered his heart,
Shattered but somehow he got to a new start,
And when he was creeping back from the rife,
She found her way to re-enter his life.

With some reluctance he let her in,
The quashed yearning started to spin,
The chaos, the love was by his side,
And he was riding high like a glide.

But one fine day she again vanished from the scene,
He searched everywhere,
She was nowhere to be seen,
His soul was ruffled and his heart was torn,
All he felt was like a left out scorn.

When one define happiness in someone’s eyes,
Often he is left in such disguise,
So keep your heart under your sleeves,
Don’t get so easily deceived.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah


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