NUHA Foundation- My Son’s Entry

Dear fellow bloggers and friend.

Earlier I posted the link to my son’s story on a leaping whale story writing contest organized by NUHA Foundation. Many of you complained about not able to post comments to the link I provided. Here is what I request you to do

You can click on the following link and share on Facebook, twitter, google+ and other social media site directly by scrolling down to the end of the article (before the comment section).

Shaurya’s Story link

For commenting – please go to your Facebook account and on the Search Bar please Search for “NUHA Foundation Shaurya”. You will find search lists with my posts and also a post from NUHA Foundation. You need to click on the official NUHA Foundation search result (see below).

Please comment directly on NUHA’s Facebook post where Shaurya’s article is featured

While his work has been selected he needs your help to win the context. And a critical part of it is based on voting, likes, shares, and comments.

Thank you again for your time and help.



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