Enigmatic Delhi

Since last year I have been in Delhi almost every second month. Considering 14 hours of flight time it might sound dreadful, but to my surprise, I always look forward to the journey, as I can never get enough of this city.

Delhi never disappoints me. Contrary to all the big cities of the world I have been to, Delhi stands out. Every time I am here, an immense glee engulfs my visage. It is like an enigma with no dearth of excitement. And it doesn’t matter what the occasion is Delhi never ceases to amaze.

One can find many reasons to detest Delhi. The increasing level of pollution, the chaotic traffic, and the ever-soaring crime are prominent enough to write it off. But despite everything that is wrong, my love for the city never diminishes.

It has been two days since I arrived here and my body clock is still struggling to adjust to the new time zone. Turning and tossing on my bed since 3:00 AM, totally jet-lagged, I brood to comprehend what makes Delhi so special. Is it because I was born here? Or the avenue I get to meet friends and family? Or is it the gratitude I have for the city for all it has given me? I am sure the reasons are many, but I believe the fond memories of some of the best years I spent here with people I love the most top it all.

This time, however, Delhi seems exquisitely ecstatic and it cannot be just my sheer love for the city. My effort to find any reason is futile thus far. I guess sometimes you need to leave things just the way it is without answers.

Copyright Β© Shantanu Baruah



  1. Beautifully penned..and yes you are right is saying Delhi is a special city..it has something for everyone..right from the poets, to the lovers, to crazy shoppers and street bustling with activity to desolate lanes…Aha..You have made me nostalgic now.

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