Celebrate Life

A few years back I was in India when Holi was around the corner. It was more than a decade back when I was last here during the festive season. And the very thought of celebrating Holi in Delhi was quite enthralling.

It was the day before Holi. The morning was cold with the sun dancing behind few scattered clouds. I was on my to Connaught Place to run a few errands when I realized that I forgot my phone at home. The world we live, the thought of separating from your gadget makes you feel as if you are transposed to a world of isolation.

Half nervous and a tad frustrated I hastily took a turn and invariably landed in the dense lanes of Lajpat Nagar. A sudden splash of water welcomed my car and I was bailed out of my prolonged brooding.

The lanes were crowded with a forest of concrete structures. The water was pouring from all directions reincarnating the modern way of celebrating Holi. I committed two mistakes: look up from my car to find the culprit and in the process jutted my head out to abate curiosity.

Results were obvious – I was drenched with splashes of color-soaked cold water.

For few moments I was flabbergasted, but then I transformed myself to savor the moment. Who knows how many years I would have to wait again for this serendipity. In the busy schedule of life, we often forget to cherish the small joys. And to acknowledge that spirit, I surrendered to the moment to celebrate life.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

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