She was unsure,
why she was circumventing,
with a feeling of malaise.

The angst lingered,
during the day,
And in the night,
and somewhere in between.

And in that midst,
of apprehensions and doubts,
He appeared,
like the first spring,
Like that late evening breeze,

Gentle and smooth.
And magically,
All that pain,
Agony and wrath,
Faded away.

The malaise was no longer in existence,
It transformed to a humming tune,
Vibrating in her heart,
Living in her soul.

Copyright Β© Shantanu Baruah



  1. Awww…so breathtaking, a lovely πŸ’œ moment. So tender… to be in a state of discomfort, not feeling well, the agony of pain is a battle within it self. Seemly alone, yet He is always near, their hearts bonded. Her Prince, her Hero, Her Heavyweight Champions has come. He affectionately comforts and attentively cares for her, as a healing ointment, she is made whole again. Complete…


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