Not everyone will agree,
With your thoughts,
The words you used liberally like daubs.
Some may even write it off,

Sometimes you may find the masses,
Not confirming to what you say,
The world may snatch away,
Your hopes drawing on you a curtain of gray.

The externalities might,
Alter your belief,
The peer coercion,
May put you in grief.

While ignoring voices,
Is not always a possible way out,
Avoiding the noise from settling within you,
Is the choice you should opt when in doubt.

Use your smile as a shield,
And face the world,
You will be surprised,
How your confidence,
Will put your critics,
In some haphazard swirl.

No one but you,
Can decide what you should do,
So avoid getting capitulate,
And do what is true to you.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

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