I Am Coming Back To You

He could have waited a lifetime for her return but then he realized life is so unpredictable. If it ditches him tomorrow, the wait would have no meaning. So, he decided to come back to her for her. It would be a shame if she missed getting to know what life had planned for her and all those undertakings would be worth it as he firmly believed it would metaphor to something meaningful. Today she may find it intimidating but tomorrow he hopes she would call it a blessing.

People say love is overrated; it is not love but people perception of love that makes it fictitious.  Love doesn’t mean one needs to leave everything for pursuing new hope. It is more of an inclusion than a decree.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah


7 thoughts on “I Am Coming Back To You”

    1. Life is all about perspective. And writing is also to show different shades of emotions. What I wrote is a conundrum of a yearning soul and coming to terms with his reasoning. There is nothing right or wrong, but his sheer thought process. Having said that I appreciate your comment. The fact that you read and provided your perspective is important for me to think more. 🙏👍

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