Take Your Memories Away

Go away from my dreams,
My heart,
And my illusion laced shining gleams.

Leave my world,
My life,
Snap memories that wraps like a curl.

Whenever there is,
A soft pounding at the door,
My heart leaps with an unknown eagerness,
Even when I know,
You will not be there for sure,
Please take your patches of shadow away,
And everything that makes my soul to sway.

For I have tired so many times,
To forget you,
Without any respite,
Have swear so many times,
To ignore you,
And detest your sight,
But all the plans,
Have so far miserably failed,
You still occupy my thoughts,
And haunt me,
On all paths, every trail.

Now, if you can give me one parting gift,
Before we part our ways,
Take the memories with you,
And any hope that you will come back and stay.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah



  1. Ah passion poet.. memories hang like crystal chandeliers in hearts and minds. Some shatter with time. Some shine so bright to lead us to our destiny? Who would anyone be without memories? Especially the memories still to come? Like the ending of your poem suggests! Beautiful how you left the door open for love to return with fate?

    Liked by 1 person

        • Thank you for such lovely words. Coming from someone whose writing is so deep means a lot to me. And as I said I love that way you put it – even this time how lyrically you conveyed your thought. Thank you 🙏


          • You are so welcome. I live, think, and deliver from my heart. I made a strong self dedicated promise to myself years ago..that I will leave this earth the way I arrived..Simply Me! Not what society wants me to be, etc. It is everyone’s right to feel good about who they are! And by the way. Happy Holidays from the my forest home in the USA!

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