A Different World

Maybe there is world out there,

Different from this one,

Beyond hatred and differences,

And the prejudice of rationale minds,

Where love rules all,

And peace and harmony,

Remain the only human signs.

Let my soul take me,

To such a place,

Or else I give me the strength O’ lord,

So that I can build it here,

To bring the smiles and the lost shine.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah


5 thoughts on “A Different World”

  1. Shantanu there is a place so close, so far, in which you write! It will take the whole world of people to get there! Even if it takes just one person at a time. It already exists in many minds.
    It took the Earth billions of years to form. And it to went through a violent time enduring meteorites! And look how beautiful the Earth is now! We will get there..to this beautiful place in which you write of! We just have to! It is all that is left to try!? Keep shining bright!

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