Let It Go

For once I thought,
I would let it go,
Ignore her ruses,
And go with the flow.

I abolished the endearment,
And detested the queer,
Losing her was,
No longer my fear.

And we drifted away,
In different spheres of life,
She indulged in her proceedings,
I enjoyed playing the fife.

There were no predicaments,
No reasonings to be done,
The soul wandered freely,
Without carrying the burden.

Eons went by,
time flew,
And then one day,
She appeared,
Without giving any clue.

All the suppressed emotions,
Came rushing by,
My false state of freedom,
Came crashing by.

That day I realized one thing,
When you bond with someone deeply,
It is hard to dodge,
that surged feeling.

Whenever she would decide,
To come back,
You would welcome her in your world,
Against what you desire.

Copyright Β© Shantanu Baruah



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