I usually don’t post my hindi compositions here. This is my second attempt. For my global friends I am including the English translation for easy read. Let me know your thoughts below. If you approve it, I will post more in the future. 🌸💛

See what your bereavement has done,
When we were together
I was just a speck of dust,
but now that you have left
a poet is what I have become.

देख तेरे इश्क़ का जोर
क्या से क्या बना दिया
जब साथ थे तब कहाँ मशहूर थे
जो बीचड़े तो शायर बना दिया

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah



  1. That’s good actually Shantanu – I think ‘speck of dust’ would sound more natural than ‘peck’. Hindi script is great to look at. You might enjoy ‘Yelkouan Spell’ on my page – it is also on the theme of bereavement.

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