Rare Souls

Everyone dreams, few plans to realize their dreams, and a handful put their plan to work. And those rare breeds are the one who lives with a content soul.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

21 thoughts on “Rare Souls”

                    1. Ha ha that’s life, my husband loves his chattisgari daal( boiled) and rice! I crave paranthas, Butter chicken! He loves science and had nothing do with poetry or literature, it’s all bookish he says. He doesn’t speak or smile much, I like a monkey keep on smiling 😬so you can imagine hence I pen verses

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                    2. I guess majority who pen verses do it coz in their lives they can’t express much or have no one to lend an ear. I’m no different either , we write and vent out, make merry, and move on 😉

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