Hi fellow bloggers happy Valentine’s Day!! While I personally believe love doesn’t need “a day”to celebrate. But hey, if this helps spreading love I am all for it. So, on this day here is a poem dedicated to all those irrational lovers, who usually don’t thrive in fairly land but in the real world. Have a great day with your loved ones.🌸❤️🦋

Not a script
from a fairy tale,
Or some flower bed
in a distant vale,
Neither the cool shade
of a summer moon,
Nor the first snow
in a winter bloom.

I am not in love with you
for any such reasoning
But for some spur
beyond all rationale

Like the roughness you display
in your brusque talk,
but fighting fiercely
when someone else spell the terse

And your endless piling up jobs
for me to relentlessly solve,
when I show anger,
your gentle smile making all angst dissolve

And the way you’re never attentive to
anything that surrounds you
But transpose to most sincere person
when I am in any shade of blue

Every such shade of your irrational love
Makes me long for you even more

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

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