The Old Bronze Brooch

The torrent was devastating
and the deluge flooded the streets
there was no place to escape
tall walls of water
stood like an ugly beast

We prepared to vacate the house
the water rushed with urgency
making even dead souls to rouse

and as I stepped outside the door
the flood bought with it
the old bronze brooch

And as it flowed past me aloof and alone
a surge of memory went past my mind
the reminiscence that was long forgotten

And I leaped to pick
the fast disappearing clip,
but the gushing water ditched me
as it took it away
from my human reach

Anxiousness took over
the fear of my turmoil being
and indignation clouded all over
my seared and bruised soul

No storm was any hindrance
gale could no longer instill any fear
with that vanishing brooch
all my fear disappeared

All I desired at that time
was to get hold of that brooch
my long treasured yearnings
my last standing sign of love

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

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