Our Parallel Worlds


We do not meet every day,
Nor do we talk that often,
Neither we have any relationship decree,
Nor we have any answers to agree.

We live in parallel worlds,
With different people and myriad thoughts,
Our priorities maybe divergent,
And our dreams might not be convergent.

But despite all disparate views,
And our carefree attitude,
We bond together,
Like Morning mist and shining dew.

The reason for this is just one,
For our souls beat,
To the same rhythm,
That make hymns begin.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

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4 thoughts on “Our Parallel Worlds”

  1. Beautiful and as you said, sometimes the soul beating so the same rhythms overcomes the need for the physical presence.
    I know its one of your older poems, but coincidently I wrote a poem named “Parallel worlds” too..haha

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