Yelkouan Spell

Read Tim Davis spellbound fairy tale story. Excellent imagination and a masterpiece

Tim Davis

There’s nothing new about swings.

They were here long before we started playing on them:

a vine or a low-hanging branch – anything that gives you that feeling of flying without trying too hard.

Not all swings are the same though.

Some are much, much better than others…

monkey swing

Take Yelkouan’s swing for example,

high up on a mountainside

hanging from an ancient tree.

high swing

So why on earth is Yelkouan so upset?

crying Yelkouan

Well, it all started when something turned up in the middle of the night,

and left behind a perfect egg at the foot of the ancient tree.

finding egg beneath swing

For days the egg just sat there,

leaving Yelkouan to guess:

An eagle? A lizard? An owl? A snake?

Or something without a name,

some… terrible mistake?

And when she strolled through the woods at dusk,

there were forms in every rock and fallen branch,

and quick movements in the shadows


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  1. Oh how wonderful…I would fill the walls of my home with your illustrations…what an artist you are…my favourite was the Grey Selt skull flute charcoal but I loved them all. I used to read so many books to my children when they were younger – the longer, the better. They would have LOVED this one. How I miss reading to them…Thank you for a fine read…

    Liked by 1 person

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