All I need is Your Smile

I don’t wish for those words
laced with love
that moves my soul
and soothes my being.

Nor do I wish for your touch
that spreads
some electrifying sparks
from my head to toe.

Neither the bearings,
nor the promises,
nor the long walks,
or any joy rides,
I don’t wish for any such worldly leisure.

Not that I don’t desire for such things,
or I don’t yearn for such longing and love,
it is just that I know,
that words may fail,
the touch may turn cold,
the bearings may dwindle,
the promises might break,
the walk, the rides all may vanish,
and I am afraid,
it might leave me with
some undue bereavement.

But one thing I will ask you to always carry
is that twinkle in your eyes
that sparkles and smiles
whenever there exists a slight hint of mine,
for I know
that thought will stay afloat,
over time beyond age,
and that smile
I will hold jauntily
in the folds of memories
today and every moment of my life

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

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