Live In the Moment

You feel miserable
thinking she is about to leave,

Her thoughts,
her talks,
everything that concerns her,
making you bereave

You are lost in such moments of despair,
your mind a mud puddle,
confused and stirred

And the day arrives
when she finally departs,
you see her floating way
like dwindling image of dawn stars

You realize you have so much left to say,
you reach out but it is a futile attempt,
all in dismay,
she is long gone, disappeared like a blur
and you repent in such moment of spur

If you would have chosen
not to brood alone,
at least her memories
would have been with you
to call your own

Never live in the fear of the future my friend,
cherish every moment
rejoice your occasion
is all I will recommend

Copyright Β© Shantanu Baruah


40 thoughts on “Live In the Moment”

        1. Thank you for your gracious offer. I truly appreciate your Kindness. writing for me is expression of my soul. It is too personal for me and I would like to keep it to my site for now. In future, if I think of writing for the masses I will certainly reach out to you for reconsideration. Thanks again for your kind offer


  1. Moment(s) are all any of us really have, this I know so well. Prescious loved ones,friends, life! …reasons to love and cherish unconditionally in the moment! Even when we cry it is the ultimate reflection of a moment?May your moments be long right where your heart and soul call home! Gracious writing!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. I feel rather guilty saying thank you to you on your own blog. Truly Thank you! I am going to put my poetry back on my blog and hope for kindness by readers. Egotistical philosophical one way thinking will have to simply be ignored. Besides, why would anyone want to CRITICIZE someone’s heart prints? May happiness always find you.☺️

        Liked by 2 people

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