Louisville To Raleigh

I had an important meeting in Louisville Kentucky today. My flight from Newark was delayed yesterday and I reached Louisville way past midnight. Despite all the travels I still find hard to sleep in a hotel bed. And my struggle to sleep continued this time as well.

My day started early and meetings went well. Louisville was preparing for the Derby season and the city was warming up for the event.

My flight was not until 6:30 PM. This time I was flying to Raleigh, NC. There was no direct flight and I was flying via Newark. The irony of reaching home airport yet not able to go home ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

The famous Kentucky fried chicken (KFC) started in Louisville. I had left eating at fast food joint a while ago, but the thought that fried chicken originated from this place tempted me to stop by at a KFC. I stood in the line for a while and when my turn came, I couldn’t find the courage to break my 5-year streak of avoiding fast food joint. I went to a tavern instead and enjoyed a grilled burger.

The boarding was announced and as I waited to be seated the famous air traffic congestion delayed the flight. My connection time between the two flights was only 35 minutes. With every passing minute, my chance to make the connecting flight was turning bleak. Flying 200K miles gives you a status with the airlines and comes handy in a situation like this. I called the airline premier desk and I was rerouted to Raleigh via Chicago. This time I was landing in Raleigh post midnight. Knowing the importance of my meeting, I switched to the new itinerary. Incidentally, the flight to Newark left. I wasn’t sure whether I should have stuck to my previous flight option. Knowing it was a losing battle, I gave such thoughts a passing glare.

The incoming flight came in and we patiently waited for the passengers to deplane. And when it was time for us to board, the gate agent announced there would be a delay. Apparently, the pilot found a scratch on the wing and it required the maintenance staff to do a thorough inspection. This time the connecting window was 50 minutes. I was hoping I had enough time, but I was wrong. Sure, the flight was delayed to a point that there was no way I could have made the connecting flight. There weren’t any other flight leaving Louisville in the night.

So, guess what I did. I called for an Uber ride from Louisville to Raleigh. A 600 miles 8-hour journey crossing three states, marking a dozen highways.

I am writing this from the ride. I arrive at 6 in the morning and my day starts at 7:30. Hopefully, it will be a fun ride

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21 thoughts on “Louisville To Raleigh”

      1. ๐Ÿ˜ See I wasn’t wrong. I do hope that’s not your job though, it must be painful to fired employees. ๐Ÿ˜…

        I remember the scene when George Clooney looks on the passengers lining up on the x-ray point. That’s a funny one.. Hehehe.

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  1. OMG…you did what? Called an Uber..dear lord,must be one hell of day to travel.Well, seeems like I have missed a lost on your blog.Been gone for few days.Well, you always write like this..Fyi, I hate hotel beds too never could sleep better on them.
    I still have a crush on George Clooney..Sigh!!

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