Osprey’s Maiden Flight


A young osprey taking its maiden flight,
Training to fly above the ocean before winter arrives,
The grit in her eyes is a beauty to engage,
The tender feathers fluttering with rage.

She falters many times,
Often she falls,
Despite all odds,
she didn’t lose hope.

For no storm can besiege her,
no adversity can impede her flight.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

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15 thoughts on “Osprey’s Maiden Flight”

  1. Oh WOW! Ospreys are my favourite bird and they have deep meaning for me. In 2014 I knew that if Lady, the oldest breeding osprey in our country (U.K.) returned again in the Spring, I would shrvive my cancer. She returned, and I survived. She did not return the following yer. She, like me, was a Shrvivor. I still follow the osoreys, though I can see them no longer. Thankyou for this poem. I will post mine up sometime

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      1. You are welcome. There is a place near to my home where ospreys would come to rest in a dead tree, for about a week, on their way up to Scotland from Africa or Spain in the Soring. Once, we spent all day there, watching for them, and two flew straight over our heads very low. Wow! What an anazing wing spangraceful, powerful, and beautiful. Yet they are so vulnerable too. Amazing birds. What was the book you read? I might be able to get a copy.

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  2. Beautiful.Reminds me of the book I have read”Jonathan Livingston, the seagull” By Richard Bach.My all time favorite. It was all about this seagull who was afraid of flying and how he conquered his fear.I have the first and the sequel too (limited edition). Try to read it sometime, I bet, you will love it.

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