Healthcare Rising Cost

Did you know according to WHO the worldwide healthcare expense is 7.1 trillion dollars per annum? With the world population about 6.5 Billion, if we take an average, healthcare expense per person per annum comes to about 1084 USD.

What remains astounding is out of the 7.1 trillion dollars, US healthcare spending is about 3.1 trillion dollars. US population is about 350 million and the average healthcare expense per person is almost touching 11,000 USD per annum. That is 10 times more than an average person healthcare expense outside of the US. We all need to strategize, think creatively and act on out reducing the cost of care.

This is my first blog on healthcare, and starting with this blog, I am starting a healthcare blogging series. Let me know your thoughts and views.

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27 thoughts on “Healthcare Rising Cost”

  1. We are all entitled to receiving Healthcare no matter what country we live in. A lot of diseases are caused through what man has made and done. Governments have to come up with a way to pay for Universal Health Care across the world. I say keep this blog going Shantanu !!

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  2. The cost of living is getting higher, wages are getting lower, how can we even take care of ourselves when we’re helpless like this. Where is the justice in this society when healthcare is on the verge of slipping from our grasp? 😑

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  3. That is some staggering figure, I know the health insurance costs in this country is rocket and surges by every passing year. Thanks for sharing the facts Shantanu and all the best for your new blogging series.

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  4. This is an interesting topic Shantanu. I watched some documentaries regarding US health care and it’s saddening to see, that some people are having hard time to even buy prescriptions or even get a prescription. There were some who would cross over to Mexico sometimes just to get a prescription and meds. Is that true?

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    1. Yeah, it is a sad affair. Though on unconventional research no one come close to US. But healthcare is very costly and more and more individuals are getting responsible to foot exorbitant bills. How is it in Australia?

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      1. As far as I know we get Medicare which is free. I mean not really free, because I believe that’s the reason why we get tax heavily. Personally, we use Medicare and a private health care. Having a private health care covers the ones that isn’t covered in Medicare. Also we get a tax deduction if we are paying for a private health care. Does the same work in US?

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        1. Something similar. Usually employer provide insurance. We pay half and the employer the other half and then we have co pays and limits. It is complicated. The problem is copay is going up. There is Medicare after 65 and Medicaid for people who cannot afford. But the coverage is minimum and also it depends on one’s income level.

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