Act of Kindness

When I see a homeless person on the street my heart breaks. My mind goes into an endless spiral thinking what adversities the person may have gone through to land up in an unfortunate situation like this.

While my heart wails, I am often hesitant to give them money. Long back I read about homeless people and drug abuse. That article struck me hard and have invariably imprinted itself in my front lobe permanently. Somehow my thoughts never permit me to give them cash, as my subconscious mind curls up thinking the money will be abused. And every time I walk away from such predicament feeling guilty.

I am sure not everyone on the street is a drug addict, nor everyone will misuse the money.  But for few miscreants, I have been measuring everyone with the same yardstick. I know I have to find a way to break away from the pretentious shackles.  How about next time when I meet a person on the street instead of giving money I take them to a restaurant or buy them a blanket to comfort them from the brutal winter storms. Maybe a genuine smile or an empathy can also do the miracle in the absence of kind.  This is what I am going to do next time.

Do you have any opinions? Any other thoughts? I will love to hear your views.

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26 thoughts on “Act of Kindness”

  1. You don’t just write beautifully, you even have a beautiful soul 🙂
    Ppl now.a.days lack humanity and any act of kindness means more than money, considering them human and asking them out if they are ok or need something specifically 🙂 rather than that your point of money abuse is valid as well
    Stay blessed:)

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  2. my mother always buys sandwiches for them and hands them over when they ask for change. it is pleasant to see the surprised smile on their faces and they seem to show a lot more gratitude for a sandwich than they do if they were given change. i am slowly learning from her.

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  3. Food is actually my way to go.. I share some food with them..

    Last winter, there was a street in Victoria Park where someone hang some jackets beside a fence, with a writing “Free jackets for anyone who’s feeling cold”. And anyone can “Give some warm this winter, leave a jacket”.

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      1. You’re welcome Shantanu. And you know what I really like how you expands your blog content, from Aphorism, poems, pondering thoughts, travel, health care and daily observations 😊❤

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  4. This piece of yours brought has made me nostalgic. My father always always used to bring poor and needy people back home for a meal, clothes and would offer some small work instead of giving money directly.
    I feel exactly the same when I see the homeless people on streets and the heartless condition they are living in but I do the same and buy them a meal. Giving donation to the homeless shelters also provides them some comfort but to be very honest I still cannot refrain myself from giving money to homeless person who is also physically handicapped.

    Shantanu, you are a kind soul and having compassion in today’s times and the will to do something about it, is the least we can do to help people.

    Thanks for writing this.

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