Say Anything…

Traveling on a weekend is what I detest the most. It feels like someone stole your weekend away. I had a 9:00 AM Monday meeting in Chicago and I had no option but to take yesterday evening flight. To cheer my desolate self, I thought of watching a movie.

The name of the move was “Say Anything..” It was a nice, 1980s setup feel-good romantic movie. I thought of writing this blog not to provide a movie review but to express my views on something that caught my attention while watching the film. It is now glued to my brain and I thought why not I share it with you all.

In the movie, the girl protagonist parents were divorced. In one of the scenes, she hesitantly explains to her boyfriend how she was asked to choose between her father and mother in the court. And after a lot of deliberations, she decided to stay with her father. What caught my attention was the reason she cited, “I chose father because I felt I will be safe with him”. As a 13-year-old she had to make one of the toughest decisions in her life, which she was not responsible for. And I couldn’t take it off my head and the scene kept revisiting me.

I know there are no right or wrong answers, but it let me pause and think about a thing called life.

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33 thoughts on “Say Anything…”

  1. I don’t think children should be left to make such mature decisions. At the end of it all they are just kids, the parents committed the mistake and now the little one consumes most of that pain. The pain is enough for them already. Now, its up to them either to work things out for the well being of that child or just depart and take full responsibility of caring for that child, whoever she ends up staying with.

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