Never Give up


The roads may not exist,
The paths might not have been traversed before,
The reality may rattle your being,
The future might put you in an abyss with no scent of spoor.

It doesn’t matter how you feel,
It doesn’t matter where you land,
All that counts is your grit to go beyond.

Beyond your trepidations,
Beyond your fears,
Beyond those inhabitations,
Beyond any queries.

For you have one life and many hopes,
All beaconing your name only if you can hear.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

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43 thoughts on “Never Give up”

  1. Very well written but I feel a contradiction in your words. At one point it says all that matter is how we go beyond our weaknesses where it is not necesarry we face success but in the end it says about beaconing name that comes only with the so called success which the world defines, I believe🤔

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    1. Interesting that you see that way. My intent at the end was if you have the ears and the grit you can see even the world is beaconing for you. But I respect your views. Such are poems you can have many interpretations. 😊

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