All my will to detest your view,
My promise to disregard every shade of your hue,
The strenuous look I scorn all this while,
The drawn countenance and the pensive smile,
Every stance I compel my heart to swear by,
Somehow I convince my mind you are a lie.

But all thoughts wrestles down to a painful defeat,
When I see you sauntering down that street.

Even your gentle whisper,
Makes me drop all my guards,
Leaving me awestruck,
Dissolving all spars.

Though I know it is a deceitful smile,
Yet I ignore every impeding rile.

And I stand there spellbound,
Unsure what to do,
Entwine in your quagmire,
Burning in my self instilled rue.

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29 thoughts on “Quagmire”

  1. We have to listen to the Soul and heed its warning, you see the temptation but the evil vines from within them show you the truth. Often we do not want to listen as the mind subtly urges us to step into the quagmire


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