My inspiration, My Father

The concern on his countenance never leaves,
the love in his heart never deceives,
he may not show his care,
but his thoughts are always there,
the epitome of sacrifice,
the wall shielding the family,
the hope, the grit, the force,
the navigator helping his loved ones
to never sway away from course,
he who stands tall in the moment of adversity
he is my Father

My dad is no more in person, but his thoughts and lessons are going to stay with me for a lifetime. His sacrifices and his unprecedented love will always remind me of what a true father should be like. He encouraged me to succeed, was hard on me to ensure I taste success, yet when I failed few times he was the first one to pick up my shattered soul. He taught me to be a kind soul, a passionate individual and keeping family interest before mine.

He was in the Indian Air Force and one thing he engrained me to the core is the art of being disciplined. There is so much I have learned from him a blog will never do justice. Today I just want to leave you with two thoughts he used to always say

“Eat what you take, take what you can eat”

“If you have nothing to do, don’t do it here”

Happy Father’s Day to you all.

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111 thoughts on “My inspiration, My Father”

  1. Shantanu
    I really have no words. We grow up but we will never outgrow our bond with our parents.
    But the other side of the coin is we never lose them even they are always around us just away from our sight. Their memories are our guide and strength.
    I feel fortunate that I can still hug my dad and hold him in my arms.
    But this father’s day I surely miss my father-in-law whom we lost last year.
    I wrote a letter to him today.

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  2. You have no idea of how much I can relate to this poem, Shantanu. If you just removed the words “Indian Air Force” this poem would completely apply to my father and myself. 100%! Wish I were able to write such a beautifully crafted poem to honor him. Thank you so much for touching my heart and have a lovely day! 🌈☀️😊

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  3. Beautiful. Your Father definitely must have been a great man to have raised such an amazing writer like you.
    I still have my conflicts with my father so it was harder to dedicate something to him. Reading yours helped me finish mine. Thank you for the touching read.

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  4. Soulful and heart touching.Happy Father’s Day….
    Ya offcourse…a fathers’ love could be more felt by those who have lost it.
    As I grow older, no matter whose love gives me happiness – I will always be my daddy’s little princess. I miss you dad….Happy daddy’s day

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  5. Such heartfelt advice with so much depth in it. Now I know how you write so beautifully.
    Our parents are the ones who never abandons us no matter how difficult the situation is they will hold on to us. Parents are none but God in disguise. If you ask me have I seen God, I would say yes. That’s my parents. They are the God in the mortal world.
    Honestly I just can’t imagine my life without them. It’s horrifying. Neither do I want to.
    I’m so much terrified of losing them, that the very first post of mine in this blogging world was a poem on my parents. 😄
    It’s a very special post. I can feel the emotions dripping from each and every words! 😊

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  6. Thank You. They are the greatest gift God have given to us. Precious of all. I can’t cherish enough. Anything we do for them would never compare to what they have done for us.
    You too are a great soul. Your words speaks enough about you. Love and peace to you too! 😊

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  7. You have a written a warm and heartful ode to your father. Seems like he has passed on a lot of good qualities to you. Our parents are our guardian angels, our constant source of strength and a comforting shoulder. We owe them so much and never can return them back. Shantanu, You are brave enough to write about him, I break down every time I think of writing about him.Love and hugs to you.

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  8. Though no tribute can equal the love of a father, yet it was a touching one. Your father must be proud of you. You are all he wished for: a kind soul, a passionate individual and you keep others before. 🙃

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  9. Beautifully written, straight from heart:) And you are so right a blog can’t do justice to explain the love of a father, most importantly because father is a one who does all in silence
    I am sure he might be proud of you today, May God rest his soul in peace 🙂

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  10. Beautifully written. You loved your father a lot. Our parents are always with us like an energy. In the values they gave us. I always feel and miss my mother’s presence around me after I lost her at a very young age.

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  11. A tribute worth sharing in a post about your wonderful father. Am happy for you to have been blessed with such a great man for a Dad. Not many of us can say the same for ourselves. Have an awesome day!

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