You Are Always There


When the moon is the closest to the earth
The tides are the strongest,
And when at apogee ocean stays calm.

So are my pulses,
Difference being –
The palpitations remains extreme all the time.

For you may be far,
But never away from my yearning heart.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

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74 thoughts on “You Are Always There”

            1. Lol. I am very bad at awards. I have to put an apology to so many people. I was thinking maybe I will use the response to your post as an apology to all dear friends you have recommended me in the past but I never responded

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                    1. If you like Jazz and if musicals you enjoy you must. I remember one thing from this movie the definition of Jazz. Each player does there own in a jazz band that makes jazz so beautiful. Have you been to New Orleans

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