Why People Fall in Love?

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77 thoughts on “Why People Fall in Love?”

  1. lol sounds like you rise with love quite frequently … maybe ‘dance with love’ ignite my love’, ‘merge into love’ .. you’re right there are many terms that would be more apt 🙂

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  2. Love the picture with the sun reflected in such beautiful way that perfectly matches your well written words that lead to multiple interpretations. That is what I see in this “I have always risen”, so open for each and every one of us to relate it to whatever we like: From just funny lustful wordplay that brings us a great smile, carnal sexual lust, to the highly spiritual sense of love. I like the great ambiguity you have played with, or should I also say inclusivity as many meanings are possible? Isn’t that what poetry is about? Anyway, lovely post!

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      1. Thank you, my friend,
        my comments would have no end
        to express my gratitude
        in my work interlude.
        While I sit, eat and read
        I feel I am in the need
        to reflect and expect
        the beauty of mutual feedback,
        if there’s comment lack
        ’tis equally fine
        than just a good line
        that shows appreciation
        for your devotion,
        with emoji of smiley
        this often more likely.
        Yet a comment’s more profound
        and I hope you like its sound.
        Wish you have a lovely day
        waiting for your next wordplay.

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  3. You never cease to amaze me. Your way of looking life is pretty interesting and awesome at the same time.
    Never seen it that way. But after reading this, I undoubtedly agree with you. Love always helps you rise.

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