Newark To LA

Today I was on a coast to coast flight from Newark to LA. As much as I am a morning person, I dread early morning flights. Besides, yesterday evening I was in a water park, making it all the more difficult to convince myself to get up 4 in the morning.

I somehow made it to the flight. And as I entered the plane, I saw a sleepy looking flight attendant forcefully greeting her passengers. I don’t know what came to my mind, and in that moment of trice, I thought of playing a little prank on her.

I greeted her and asked, “in the morning rush I didn’t check the gate number. Hope this flight is going to San Francisco.”

Her lethargic self got some renewed energy and she declared that I was on the wrong flight.

I smiled and told her that I was just teasing her. She reciprocated with a wide grin and stated she is from San Francisco and how she wished the flight was going to her hometown. We smiled and I assumed my seat.

6 hours later as I was getting off the flight, she greeted me and said, “Welcome to San Francisco”

I smiled and as I was walking down the corridor only one thought clouded my mind, life is all about treasuring small pleasures. Make someone smile and get genuine happiness in return.

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63 thoughts on “Newark To LA”

  1. That was really sweet of you to make energetic again and also made her smile. 😊
    The thought at end, I totally agree with you on that. We don’t need to make grand gestures to find happiness. We can find them in little things if we’ve a positive mentality. πŸ™‚

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  2. Nowadays people don’t care to read faces of the people who are near to them.But You not only noticed her tired face but also took an effort to make her smile.People like you make this World a beautiful place😊

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                  1. Nope,since 3 years we are here and My younger kid is still quite dependent on me due to autism😊
                    The day I feel he is independent to take care of himself I may start working😊
                    But I do treat family and friends and myself tooπŸ˜„

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