Caught Off Guard

And for Humor…

I was traveling to India last May when the air hostess got me a glass of water with no ice as a courtesy drink before the take off. I noticed she was asking everyone about their choice, but when it came to my turn she simply offered me the drink without querying about my preference. It sure was what I would have asked for, still I couldn’t comprehend the fact she didn’t extend the civility to me as she did to my fellow passengers. I couldn’t hold my inquisitiveness for long and enquired how she knew what my choice of drink was. She smiled and said, “I have seen you enough on this route.”

It was a mixed bag of emotions. Though the customer experience was beyond par, I felt a little discomforted knowing people taking note of my presence when I assumed traveling could put me in oblivion.

And then I smiled, for you know you are traveling more than the usual when the flight attendant greets you by saying, “welcome back”.

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  1. Oops!πŸ˜‚ But isn’t it amazing that people notice us so carefully. Though it’s scary as well but we got to focus on positive side. This always makes me anxious that everyone will watch my actions and I prefer being cautious in public but lately I learnt that no matter what you do you can never impress all, so be what you are. This is actually helping me cure my social anxiety issues.☺️

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