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60 thoughts on “Moments”

  1. Hatred is certainly not an emotion to be promoted but at times it helps in letting go. Although I don’t support any kind of hatred, I prefer to forget things completely.
    Hatred is a time waste. Wonderful thought. And yes, life is nothing without love.❤️

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      1. Life conspired me and made me like this.❤️ Hatred is something I can never have in my heart even for people who abandoned me or who are responsible for this. I can never hate, because hatred means still keeping a place for themselves in my heart and if I had to break a relation I prefer to let go everything. Nothing to keep in heart, neither hatred nor love. Hatred will ruin me and love won’t let me move ahead.
        ‘Sweet soul’ – Thank you for this.❤️

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  2. Truer words. We waste the most valuable moments of our life in hatred. And we missed out the littlest things which would have brought joy to us and were sufficient to push hatred to oblivion. Life’s the most precious and fragile gift. It’s on us how to handle it. 🙂
    Loved your thought! 😊

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  3. I can never hate but not even love,what can I do🤦‍♀️😅

    A Wonderful thought Shantanu❣
    Let’s make this living worthwhile by loving rather than hating😊
    Being in love is a blessing for ourselves❤

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  4. Beautiful and so profound.Though it’s easier to preach.But I found that hate us like a garbage which you carry in your heart and soul,the longer you carry it the more it stinks.So let go and be a loving soul.

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  5. As much as I agree with you, I do have feelings of hatred for those whom I love, when we are in a fight. Or I should simply say I hate fighting. 😀 I will fight when required, give the person the much needed verbal thrashing, but I will hate the person and the circumstances all the same.

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