Night Out In Downtown San Antonio

I had traveled to San Antonio so many times but never got a chance to explore the city. San Antonio is an important south-central​ city of Texas and had the vibrant impression of a colonial presence. The city was an important commercial venue for Texas and was strategically positioned between Dallas, Austin, and Houston, the three major cities of the state.

For two days we were locked in a conference room engrossed in work. When we were finally done on the third day, we decided to explore the city, breaking the usual monotonous mold. Time was around 6:00 in the evening. We didn’t have any set plan. Riverwalk​ was the most famous tourist spot in the area, so we decided to give the place a visit.

Riverwalk was a crisscross​ of walkways across the banks of the San Antonio River. On both side of the mile-long​ river (it was more like a canal) were bars, restaurant​, ​and shops and the place was a major attraction for tourist. There were tourist boats traveling on the waters and the street was vibrant with people from all scores. The network of the pedestrian walk was majorly influenced by the neighboring state of Mexico, which​ was about 150 Miles away from the San Antonio city.

We stopped by a restaurant where a small musical ensemble laced with guitar and Sexton were playing the local Conjunto on the street. The food was delicious and ambiance sparkling. By the time we were done with our dinner the time was already 11 PM. A friend of mine wanted to explore the city more. My flight was at morning 5. The sane person in me wanted to go back to the hotel but the curious me detested the thought. It was anyways a long ago when I had spent the night with open eyes. So, I gave in to my vices and joined my friends. We were four of us. We climbed up and walked towards the downtown. There was a Marriott not too far away and we decided to stop by the bar at the Marriott lobby. I settled down with my glass of water and my friends with their Macallan.

At 1:00 AM we decided to leave. I almost called a cab to go back to the hotel when one of my friends​ was suddenly hungry. Upon enquiring the valet person at the hotel we found there was a place two blocks away, which serves food till the wee hours. We started walking but before we could reach the place we saw a bar a level down crowded with people. Unanimously we decided to explore the place. The pool table was the main attraction for me. Last I played pool was in Singapore 16 years back. Back then it was a regular ritual. We played two games. It took me some time to get back my hold on the stick. It wasn’t bad. We played till 2:00 AM till the bar was declared closed.

The moment we were out my friend hunger surprisingly visited again. We found the eatery, but decided to leave, for the line was way too long. 3 in the morning we reached the hotel. Spent another hour in the lobby before heading out to the airport with red eyes.

I reached home yesterday by noon but how could I sleep when both India-England T-20 and England-Columbia round of sixteen matches were on. Though I struggled, I refused to give up. I didn’t regret watching the match and then I slept, only to wake up at 9:00 PM.

The 4th of July fireworks in our county was planned for yesterday. Enjoyed the fireworks, came back and slept again until late in the morning.


Did a night out after a long time and I am glad I did, for I had treasured some memories for a lifetime.

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  1. Oh wow Shantanu. What an amazing few days for you. I have never travelled out of England, but would have loved to have done so, so it is so nice to hear places like this described. More power to your elbow as we say here Shontanu.

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  2. It’s always to do something impromptu and adventurous of the regular trips. I always made a point to do that, while some worked and some didn’t but each left a memory to cherish or to laugh about. Glad you had a fun day.
    BTW, San Antonio holds a special place in my heart.


  3. I love to read your travel posts😊
    You take us with you😄
    I definitely walked the riverwalk😍
    (1pm likh diya aapne and I re-read twice 2 understand it’s just a typo😂)
    Such memories are always cherished.

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