Drifting slowly with dragging steps her confused being was wandering along the shorelines. The breeze was blowing cold air bringing his fragrance from a faraway place, not providing any respite to her soul. A seagull was hovering over making some uncanny noise appearing as if it had a story to tell. Right above the bird, a dark patch of cloud was looming, swallowing the evening from the earth’s arduous hold.

Nature’s melancholy was adding further to the juxtaposition of her mind in a ruthless way. In a moment she was a sight of joy and in the next a lost self. A constant battle was building up inside her,  making a futile attempt to reason with the decision she made.

Didn’t she want this? And now when she had, why was she having such despair moments? Her mind was crowded with rational thoughts but her heart was craving for the newfound…

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