That Spooky Night


Her innocuous countenance,
Was giving away every shade of her curiosity,
And her pristine soul,
Had nothing to hide.

The minutest of worldโ€™s bearing,
Was making her jaws drop,
And those crawling creatures,
Forcing her to occasionally bloop.

She was awestruck,
Mesmerized by the valiant sight,
She was frightened for sure,
But equally thrilled watching the shimmering light.

In a subconscious way she extended her hand,
Holding her father she ran towards the stand,
The grip was fastened as if it was her only hope,
And looped around him like a entwined rope.

Such was the sight in that Halloween night,
Where colorful masks were making her to fright,
But amidst all the confusions,
Her belief in her father was the only right.

Copyright ยฉ Shantanu Baruah

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