The Obscure Moon

The moon as seen through my son’s eyes


Her presence was unknown
Yet she was still sitting there
Her glow was covered by the clouds
In the nice, cool air

Many stood on Earth’s soil
There were not sated if it really existed
Yet it was still very bright
Far away in the distance

The moon wanted them to see her
Glow beautifully in the sky
But the sun was inaugurating to rise
And the moon was stumbling by

The full moon was starting to go away
And now there was just one more day
Till it again, rose again over the bay

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12 thoughts on “The Obscure Moon”

  1. I love the personification of the moon in Denken’s poem. The notion of a poem about the moon seen through a child’s eyes puts me in mind of Ted Hughes’s ‘Full Moon and Little Frieda’, though it is a different work. Little Frieda Hughes is now a woman of 58. Yes, it is frightening where the time goes.

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