I detested her presence,
And erased all her lingering essence,
Pushed away the reveries,
Shoved all the beautiful memories.

And after the ardent toil,
And battling with heart’s embroil,
I did a final search,
Doubting every possible lurch.

And to my dismay,
I found impressions of her name,
Casted on my mind like a permanent frame,
I tried hard to,
erase it all,
But when I failed,
I forced it to stall,
I wrapped my thoughts in a burning flame,
And from that moment,
things started to change.

Her shadow got dissolved,
And her image from my mind were finally absolved,
My mind was free from her humming sound,
And I was happy i found my newfound ground.

But when I was about to set free,
She appeared without any decree

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25 thoughts on “Confetti”

  1. So odd I would read something like this today, that’s what the heart can become, Confetti. You’re a wonderful writer and this, you must have read some minds all over the world, very relatable….especially today. Great job my friend, stay blessed.

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  2. “But when the soul was consumed,
    The heart would always be an open confetti.”

    Wow.. This line has so much depth in it. And I couldn’t agree more to each and every lines you wrote. It’s really the most difficult thing to do, to let go of someone. But when you somehow start putting an effort, they show up and all your memories hit you harder than ever.

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