Her Premonition

This is such a great story. Loved the imagination. ❤️❤️


I opened my tired eyes, witnessing a minute town. It looked like it was the festive season since there were lofty Christmas trees and colorful ornaments everywhere. Cold snow enveloped the brick roads and the euphony of the caroler’s voice delighted the place. I could see the pennon of the birds as they flew through the gray skies and the conspicuous microcosms of weapons built by the blacksmith. It was a beautiful sight.

I wondered, “Why was I here?” I tried to ask the jubilant people walking past me about my whereabouts, but I couldn’t find a definitive answer. I looked around, trying to find helpful clues, but didn’t succeed. The bells from the clock tower caught my attention. I climbed the tower and stood atop, trying to comprehend my location. Soon, across the old brick road, I found a pleasant surprise. It was a serendipity, for on the other…

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