The Shop Blunder

Read Shauryaโ€™s poem on being careful ๐Ÿ˜Š


Another day was over for him
He was cleaning up the small jewelry shop
For tomorrow he would come back again
As it rained outside, in waterdrops

He was a very inept person
As he was always misplacing things
He would prefer keeping someone in his cohesion
So that he would not misplace the diamond ring

Today, no one accompanied him
And he was messing things all the day
And as he was leaving for the evening
He left the door ajar, that gloomy Friday

A few men noticed the opened shop
And curiously peaked inside
For they left the place with a huge plunder
With the diamond ring by their side

And when he came again the next day
He halted near the door
Sure, it was left wide open
With a big mess around the store

He learned to never be clumsy
And to always pay attention

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