The Spooky Tale

Read another spooky poem from Shaurya


Everyone  told him
The whole thing was a hoax
Yet he knew exactly what he saw
Though he wasn’t believed by his folks

It was a very tiring night
For a lot of work had to be done
Papers and checks were scattered around the table
He really wished he had none

He grabbed a glass of coffee
And place it down after he finished
Yet when he came back from the bathroom
The glass was nowhere to be seen

He thought he must have misplaced it
Though he wasn’t sure where
And when he went back to his couch
The cup was lying there

He looked around the place
Even though no one was there
How did the cup end up here?
Now he became more scared

When he went to bed that night
His pillow wasn’t there
But when he laid on his bed
He saw the pillow…

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