Come and read a heartfelt poem from Shaurya on hope


He stood atop the building in the eerie air
He stared across the gray skies of the city
His loved ones were all gone
He started feeling very dizzy

It all started when he went to college
He was partying one night when he received a call
He left the place and opened his phone
Hearing the news made him feel small

His mother was about 50 years old
She got into the hospital, early in the day
She had a disease in her Ligament
How could this happen, there’s no  way

His mother now lies 10 feet under
And he cried many nights in his small room
He felt alone and afraid
How quickly people could be doomed

A week later, his Dad got cancer
He donated all his money for his buddy
But his dad couldn’t make it
Now he was sad and broke, with no longer a…

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21 thoughts on “Hope”

      1. Can’t believe he is just 11.999
        His words are full of hope and love. Wishing him an absolutely stunning birthday. May God bless him with wisdom, happiness and hope.😊
        Father – son duo are beautiful souls.🌼

        Liked by 3 people

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