A beautiful Haiku on Books from, Shaurya


Hello all! This is my first Haiku post. A haiku is a type of poem that originated from Japan and follows a format of 5-7-5. What I mean is –   the first line in the poem has 5 syllables, the next line has seven, and the last has five. It is a very short poem, but it won’t be a haiku unless you follow the pattern. Thinking of words that work as a good sentence and follows the 5-7-5 method is hard. In this haiku, I will write about something simple, books!

A book solves problem
A book creates huge smile
A book gives you wing

Copyright © Shaurya Baruah

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        1. Sure thank you Yassy. He does have a blog the URL is In fact my daughter also started her blogging journey today you can check her work at thank you for you kind consideration

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