The Rich Man and The Poor Man

Read Shaurya’s take on how much is enough


He lived a palatial life
Upon the precipice of the mountain
Yet he still wanted a new palace
And a new beautiful fountain

Another man lived a happy life
On the sides of the streets
There was never enough food
And nothing could protect him from the heat

One man had everything
While another had nothing
One complaint about having more
While one was blithe and singing

The rich man had more than the man from the streets
Yet he still whined for his wealth to increase​

The rich man was strolling down the street one day
Having panache in his steps
And then he saw the poor man sitting
Right next to the bay

He went past him without saying a hello
But the poor man didn’t mind
Instead, he gave him a smile and said
“It is a nice day, isn’t it?” With a face oozing kind


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