Born Free


You think the desires,
Are beyond your reach,
You tried few times and failed,
So now you assume,
this is far from any possibilities of breach.

You coiled your yearnings,
and stash it deep within,
You avoid the hard trails,
And detest the scene.

Now you live your life in the dark,
You forgot the leap of the lark,
You naively name it as fate,
And hope one day the storm will abate.

You are a fool,
To accept the status quo,
For when desires are consider as needs,
No squall can restrain you,
And no fate can define your creed,
Because you are born free,
You have wings,
You are not grounded like a tree.

Copyright ยฉ Shantanu Baruah

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27 thoughts on “Born Free”

  1. Lifted my spirits up. Thank You so much. You really motivated me and I needed it now. It’s so relatable to me today. I’m facing the exact same dilemma mentioned. But your last verse genuinely gave me the courage to stand up.
    I can’t thank you enough.
    Yet, Thank You from the very bottom of my heart. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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