The Battle Of The Stars


The sun was always envy of the moon,
For at night it brighten the world taking away its sheen,
Then one day it thought of a plan,
And used earth’s shield to spread its spun.

The sun assumed the moon was eclipsed,
And it saw how it was slowly waning it off,
It smirked on its success,
And it declared victory with teasing scoff.

Then few nights ceased,
The darkness still persisted to sun’s relief,
The triumph it achieved,
Was all around it spell,
But then one night a faint radiance,
had a different story to tell.

And the shapes of moon dazzled,
Leaving the sun behind frazzled,
Every night the luminosity brightened,
Every moment the sheen strengthened,

From that day the sun tries every night,
To let the moon get out of its sight,
It tries to…

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