The Pizza Delivery

Another scary one from Shaurya


He glanced at the secluded house
Vines grew up the fences surrounding it
The place to him looked anemic
He told many, he was only scared a bit

But he had to deliver the pizza
And he did not want to get fired
Oh how much he hated this
He was angry, afraid, and tired

He stared at the ruffles on his T-Shirt
And back at the creepy house
He was now very inept
And then came along a starling mouse

He called his manager
But the manager did not care
“Just deliver the pizza!” He screamed
He really did not want to go anymore near

But he did

One step at a time
The house came closer
Many thoughts floated around his brain
Dead plants were all over the dilapidated place

He stopped at the door
It was covered in green moss
He lightly knocked on the old wooden…

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